Thursday, May 26, 2011

aron ralston pictures

aron ralston pictures. Aron Ralston recounts his
  • Aron Ralston recounts his

  • Blue Velvet
    Feb 12, 05:01 PM
    I'm really pleased for all of you � you'll all do a great job. :)

    aron ralston pictures. aron ralston 2003 press conf
  • aron ralston 2003 press conf

  • CyberCat
    Dec 11, 12:57 AM (


    Wow, wallpaper link please?

    aron ralston pictures. Aron Ralston praises Rahman
  • Aron Ralston praises Rahman

  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 6, 10:52 PM
    My two screens for the month. =)

    Links please!

    aron ralston pictures. fell on Aron Ralston#39;s arm
  • fell on Aron Ralston#39;s arm

  • jaison13
    Mar 31, 12:28 PM
    It may be fun for play, but I cant see anything real being done on that. Most high end photo editors wont even use a trackpad/laptop...

    Now if they can make it double as a wacom for a desktop and mirror the image form the computer.. now youre talking :)

    And from a user standpoint, having all menus buried and no keyboard shortcuts, you're expanding the time to edit drastically.

    do you own an ipad even? if you did you'd see that there are already some pretty serious apps that do a lot of the thing photoshop can do. also did you listen to the ma at all? this is a way to get work done where having a computer isn't so convenient. you need to do some research before making a a statement like i can't see anything real being done on that. the only difference between a wacom and ipad is pressure sensitivity. well that and price. a color wacom is more expensive and more focused to do one thing very well. below is a link to an artist who does most of their work on an ipad. check it out and tell me it's just a thing for fun!! if photoshop brings a serious app, a 2GB app it will be extremely useful. i'm a comic book illustrator just getting started on the ipad and i see great potential here. i'd like to see retina display mainly for better zoom in when drawing. but the ipad is way more than fun for play.

    aron ralston pictures. Aron Ralston, Class of #39;97
  • Aron Ralston, Class of #39;97

  • dolphino2
    May 27, 04:01 PM
    tempted...just trying to hedge my bets whether it'll be easier getting one at the trafford centre amongst the crazy people queuing up from 2am ish...knowing theyre gonna have a few hundred in stock...or whether to goto preston, where they have very little stock for tomorrow!

    aron ralston pictures. Aron Ralston
  • Aron Ralston

  • Nrwrit3r
    May 5, 12:26 PM
    Just wondering, does anyone know how to get one of those giant iphone displays that the apple stores have/had?

    Or for that matter a giant ipad, app, or whatever? Where do these go when the stores update their displays? It would be so cool to have one of these!

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  • forts ralston,aron ralston

  • neut
    Feb 14, 02:44 PM
    Thanks for all your comments, helpful or otherwise, it shows what this place means to us.

    It definitely does ... i spend way too much time here. Better spent here than in other unproductive forums. Macs (here) and audio (osxaudio) are the only things that get me to post. :D


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  • James Franco as Aron Ralston

  • samwise
    Mar 25, 11:58 AM
    I think google has a lock on the map thing. I can't see apple employees driving around remapping the world to get their own data base

    Google don't map the world either - they do the street map images, but if you look at Google Maps you'll see that the actual roads data comes from either Tele Atlas or Navteq. Those two companies sell their map sets to all the sat-nav companies too.

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  • aron and jessica ralston

  • Funkymonk
    Apr 28, 11:22 PM
    let the soulless evil multi-billion dollar companies sue each other to the grave :D

    aron ralston pictures. Aron Ralston at the 26th
  • Aron Ralston at the 26th

  • OrangeSVTguy
    Mar 5, 10:02 AM
    Yeah the one that came with my 970 is a monster. I probably should use it just for the hell of it as it would probably be better than the H50 that I'm currently using lol. I've heard of people overclocking high with the stock cooler.

    I'll snap a pic of it.

    aron ralston pictures. Author Aron Ralston speaks
  • Author Aron Ralston speaks

  • AP_piano295
    Mar 16, 03:47 PM
    Wow...I could give a damn what she was wearing she isn't asking to be raped.

    It's interesting how similar hardcore Christian conservatives are to hardcore conservative Muslims.

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  • utah,aron ralston became

  • liamkp
    Jul 8, 05:59 PM
    Dont think so.

    aron ralston pictures. Aron Ralston
  • Aron Ralston

  • OllyW
    Apr 21, 04:50 AM
    Well, more like 175K sold... another 175K given away free. :D

    They are all still sold. The phone manufacturer doesn't give them away free.

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  • Aron Ralston the hiker who cut

  • greatdevourer
    Sep 25, 02:04 PM
    So long as you make him watch this ;)

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  • junkie Aron Ralston.

  • R.Perez
    Mar 15, 06:13 PM
    too bad, i support the death penalty.

    So you have absolute 100% confidence in our "justice" system?

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  • trailer as Aron Ralston…

  • gorbitron
    Jun 18, 06:05 PM
    I'm planning on getting there as early as possible. Since the store opens at 7, I was thinking around 3 or 4. Anyone else gonna be there?

    aron ralston pictures. James Franco as Aron Ralston
  • James Franco as Aron Ralston

  • UTclassof89
    Mar 31, 10:28 AM
    Does anyone else think this is a desperate attempt by Adobe to stay in the tablet game? ...

    mmmm... no, only you.

    Why is it that every Adobe story on MR prompts the inevitable "Look how desperate Adobe is..." comment?

    Why would you NOT be happy they're taking the iPad seriously, and building a useful* app for it?

    *useful to the casual Photoshop user, rather than the professional, who needs the control only a mouse offers

    aron ralston pictures. Aron Ralston Discusses “127
  • Aron Ralston Discusses “127

  • jrko
    Mar 26, 12:02 PM
    First off congrats on your new purchase!

    Yes you can. I am booted from a SATA drive on a PCI card as I type this. For your needs I recommend the 4 channel PCI SATA card FirmTek sells.

    Thanks zen.state. Is this the card you mention?

    aron ralston pictures. Aron Ralston competes in
  • Aron Ralston competes in

  • SomeDudeAsking
    Apr 7, 04:52 PM
    Another 600 megabyte "patch"! Thanks Apple!

    Apr 7, 04:43 AM
    can not find Apple Boot Camp Windows drivers on my Mac OS X Install DVD ! it only offer remote instalation & dvd-rom sharing. :confused:

    Mar 9, 09:14 AM
    Please read up on the Forum Rules and refrain from asking for items to buy outside of the Marketplace Forum.

    Apr 29, 05:09 PM



    Blow up tre1
    Sep 5, 07:52 PM
    Played around with geektool a bit.
    Still need to tidy it up a bit.
    Wallpaper is found on DA same with all the icons, etc

    May 5, 10:54 PM
    :eek: :eek: :eek:
    I just made a huge mess. :o

    OMG seriously... :rolleyes:

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