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  • lost_in_gc_land
    01-31 01:26 PM
    Hi statuslaw,
    Can you share all your experience and discussions with the DOS and their contact information for my case? Thank you and once again congratulations from the bottom of my heart. This can be pretty hard on someone...I have been waiting for over 75 days.

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  • thomachan72
    11-05 03:00 PM
    Dude, if you find it difficult to digest, then don't do it with your kid. Its that simple.
    A debate on this is probably not warranted, as its subjective to every individual's situation.

    And btw, both my kids live with me, but they travelled with someone else to spend their vacation at grand-parent's house, so I am not trying to oppose your viewpoint.

    This is an infant we are talking about (less than 2 years!).....:o:o:o

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  • RNGC
    02-05 04:47 PM

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  • BharatPremi
    11-05 09:54 AM


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  • Lasantha
    04-01 04:42 PM
    Do you mean, file I-140 first and wait till it's approved before you file for 485? If that's what you are thinking, my advise is that filing for 485 is not a luxury that you can avail yourself whenever it suits you. You must grab the chance as soon as your PD is current becaue you never know when it would be current again unless of course you fall in to EB2 ROW or a higher category. And please note that these days I-140 takes much longer than 6 months to get approved and Premium Processing is no longer in the offer.

    Hi All,

    Are there any risks of filing 140 & 485 together? I just talked to an attorney & she said that it is better to get 140 approved 1st before filing 485, as when you file concurrent, the files go to inexperienced officers who will not judge your case properly.

    When you file 140 separately, the file goes to officers who only deal with 140's.

    Does anybody on here know of these risks/disadvantages of filing concurrently. I was under the impression that it was better to do this, but now I stand contradicted!

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  • kumar1
    03-04 04:23 PM
    Bidi, I guess.
    By the way, what do you smoke?


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  • jcrajput
    12-31 08:44 AM
    I am July 2 filer and have EAD card for myself and mywife. We are planning to go to INDIA for 30 days. I have H1B extended until 2010 but H1B STAMP is expired in passport. I have following questions:

    1. Should I apply for AP for both of us?
    2. If we have AP documents for both of us, Do we need to have NEW H1B STAMP in passport?
    3. When you aboard in flight from INDIA, do they question for expired H1B VISA stamp in the passport? What document we need to show them at that time?

    Your help is greatly appericated.

    Thank you.

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  • ngaheer
    12-12 02:51 PM
    Hi all,

    This forum is full of smart people. So I want to throw my situation out there to get some advice from all of you. I am into 7th year of my H1 with by labor with PD of Sep 2002. At the rate things are moving, I am running out of patience here.

    Things took an interesting turn last week, when a mid sized Software co. is willing to outsource me some of their work. Given the size of the opportunity, I will need to go to India to setup a team of 5 to 6 ppl. The co. is pretty eager and willing to offer some of the finanical guarantees I have asked for.

    So my question is, should I take this opportunity and say good bye to GC? Or I should be patient as there may be a need to be in US to grow my outsourcing biz, in case it jump starts well. What would you do if you were presented this opportunity and you had the enterpreurial spirits to pull it off.

    I would be eager to see what people say here.


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  • vdokka
    09-11 11:00 PM
    Hi Friends,

    Please read the below query and post any information you have. Thanks in advance for your help !

    I have an appointment for H1 VISA re-stamping in Toronto, Canada in 2nd week of October

    My current H1 VISA is valid until Nov 2006.

    I am planning to get restmped based on my new H1 petition valid until Sep 2008.

    The problem here is that my passport is valid only until Dec 2007.

    In this case Can I get the new VISA stamped until Sep 2008?
    On the website it says that "To be eligible for a VISA, you passport must be valid for at least 6 months past intended stay in the United States"

    Please post your valuable replies.


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  • cdeneo
    04-02 09:23 PM
    I was looking for similar info -

    Applying for a Canadian tourist visa with AP (no H-1), would this be a problem? Would we get the Canadian visa for only the validity of AP (one yr at most)?

    I would be interested in finding out the answers to the original poster's questions as well. It would be very helpful if anyone could share their experience with this.


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  • rvr_jcop
    02-17 12:34 AM

    I have completed 6 years on my H1 and then got a 3 year extension as my 140 was approved when I applied for H1 renewal. This is all with my current company where I am working on H1 and they have applied for my GC also. I also have a valid EAD till 2010 which I am not using currently.

    If I get a new job, can I transfer my H1 and still keep my GC process going on or do I have to switch to using EAD at the new job instead of H1 ?
    Basically, am wondering if we can transfer H1 and that way have a backup just in case of any issues with EAD.

    Thanks for your advice !

    Yes, you can do that by invoking AC-21. You dont have to be on EAD to join another company. You are perfectly OK if they are willing to tranfer your H-1 from the old employer.

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  • GCchakravyuh
    07-17 01:53 AM
    great news.

    new important points:
    1."Also under discussion is whether green cards that have gone unused in previous years could be used this year. As a result, one possible scenario is that the number of high-skilled workers who gain permanent residency in the U.S. this year could swell to more than twice the historical level. "They've got to do something," says one congressional staffer close to the discussions. "

    2."Perhaps the most acute pressure on the Bush Administration is coming from Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.),...the last thing the Administration wants is for the details of the "bureaucratic, nightmarish snafu" to become public"

    Just hoping that by some miracle tomorrows news is even better than expected.

    BTW its the title of the article which says its all "The Gandhi Protests Pay Off". Please note its not something like "Govt yields under threat of law suits and immigrants protests"

    the celebration of point 1) above gets contradicted by the passimistic fact written at the end of same article : :(
    (((But that idea may face long odds. AILA's Kuck says that current law prohibits green cards from one year to be used in other years. And he thinks there is no appetite in either Congress or the White House for writing new pro-immigration legislation, after the comprehensive immigration reform proposal went down in flames earlier this summer. "I don't think they'd touch the issue with a 10-foot pole," says Kuck. "This issue has become radioactive." )))


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  • qplearn
    10-02 03:06 PM
    Hi All

    Thanks for a great forum. I am EB3 India (PD Dec 02) with 140 approved June this year. Rumor has it that the small firm I work for, is going to be acquired by a much larger firm with thousands of employees globally. I am concerned about my ongoing GC process. First question

    Q1. What happens to my GC process?

    Considering the behemoth like size of the company that is going to acquire us I am quite sure that the GC process of the few employees from my present employer will take a back seat.

    Q2. What are the things I can do proactively.

    I have read on various threads that it is possible to join other employers and port the PD to them. But considering the fact that company that started the GC process is no longer there, how would this porting of PD with new labor, 140 etc would occur...

    I would appreciate if someone can provide answers to my questions. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    After your I-140 is approved, according to my lawyer, the PD is yours to keep. Even if they withdraw your I-140, you get to keep your PD.

    I talked to my lawyer in the morning today, and this is precisely what he told me.

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  • loveNpeace
    07-31 08:51 PM
    Hello All,
    I am here in Australia on a short visit with a recently approved United States Conditional GC.Before my interview for GC in July09,I had already received my visit visa ,Single entry to Australia with restrictions on entry and exit dates..(I couldnot enter Australia after Aug1st and I have to return to US before Oct23'09)/..
    Now ,my concern is if I can travel to India and back to Australia .Does the single entry restrcition still apply for me ..even with a GC?....(at the Sydney airport,the IO stamped on my visit visa' Not valid for Further travel'..does that mean I cannot travel outside Australia and return?..I need to visit Sept.but I am worried how ?

    please advsie..
    thank you


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  • ayaskant
    02-01 09:48 AM
    I updated my profile with the information I know.

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  • urstruly
    07-27 12:42 AM
    485 was approved on 7/26/07. Wife's 485 was delivered by Fedex to Nebraska Service Center on 7/19/07.

    Is wife OK and does this mean her 485 is pending(even though receipt is not sent by USCIS yet) or she is going to be out of status???



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  • FredG
    November 17th, 2004, 07:11 PM
    Hi randlesl, welcome to Dphoto! In addition to the above, some cameras are just calibrated to underexpose. My D60 did that consistently. I think I shot everything at +2/3 exposure comp. Some lenses may contribute to that as well. To test that, try taking a shot outdoors in good light using the same target with both lens set to 70mm and f/5.6. If they come out looking alike, all is well. If the 28-80 comes out darker, experiment to see how much extra you need to dial in with that lens to get it looking like the other. Also try a few shots with the 28-80 lens on a tripod, or other sturdy rest. If the images come out sharp, then the blur is like what I get ... operator error. If they are still blurry, then the problem may be with that lens. From what you said, though, and as jliechty suggested, it may be from trying to follow moving targets in low light with a shutter speed that can't freeze the action.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    05-30 02:08 AM
    While doing some ad-hoc research after watching Valkyrie, I discovered this interesting bit of U.S. immigration history and couldn't help but be amazed how nobody seems to know or talk about United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (

    The Luce-Celler Act of 1946 ( was proposed by Republican Clare Booth Luce and Democrat Emanuel Celler in 1943 and signed into being by President Harry Truman on July 2, 1946, granting naturalization rights to Indian Americans (and Filipino Americans) and re-established immigration from India (and the Philippines).

    Food for thought...


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  • deba
    07-03 06:07 PM
    What if previous employer withdraws approved I140 after changing jobs? In my case it has been more than 180 days after approval of 140/485. Is the PD still portable?

    12-18 02:21 PM
    gcwait2007 ,

    I was told that filing AC-21 memo to CIS is NOT mandatory under law.

    why do I "have to " to file it?

    one concern i have is that I joined the current company BEFORE 180 days (just 14 days before) as I got laid off from my pevious employer and the previous employer will NOT revoke the I-140

    If I file AC-21 now, Will not USCIS find out that I joined before 180 days and find out I was laid off and cause unnecessary complications with RFE etc?

    Please advise your thoughts

    11-18 06:20 PM
    It�s been long since I got head ache..but today I had every reason to get.

    I tried taking an appointment for h1B for December. Here is my experience�

    1. After entering the receipt details it took me to available dates calendar. In this screen there was no option to pick an specific date for appointment. This screen was same as the screen we get when we check for available date without entering receipt number.
    2. I pressed �Continue� and it later took me to DS156.
    3. Filled the form and it took me to screen which displayed my name against a check box with 3 option. The screen says..�select the form to edit/complete..� 3 options I can see are DS156,DS157 and petition details. No matter how many times I edit the information I can�t get the choice to pick the appointment date. Basically I have filled up the form without knowing the appointment date.
    4. If I try to download the appointment letter it says..�You cannot download until you specify courier address��.

    Has anyone experience similar problem�?? Any work around�.??

    Any help is greatly appreciated�thanks in advance�

    You have to submit.
    Once you submit, you will be able to choose dates.

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