Sunday, June 5, 2011

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  • Latex free sayarchive rave

  • MacTech68
    Sep 19, 06:26 AM
    Never heard of this but I can only find references to it on the Apple II:\

    There appears to be a ".DSK" disk image of it here:
    Chrysler Crossfire (

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  • Get the recipe from Culinary

  • map1978
    Dec 1, 10:21 AM
    rockin a xmas wallpaper for the month

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  • Pretty Rave Make-up

  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 20, 11:09 PM
    It will be a shocker for you when it happens.

    You seem to really doubt android, it is a great OS.

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  • Filed in: makeup, Review,

  • deadwalrus
    Mar 25, 02:38 PM
    Is this well-veiled sarcasm? If not, you guys are ridiculous.

    1) Google does not own the mapping database they use
    2) Even if they did, there are multiple geographic/mapping data providers
    3) None of them obtained their data by having employees drive around in vehicles... That's an absurd suggestion

    Is this well-veiled sarcasm? If not, you are ridiculous. How do you think Google gets its "Street View" data? Here's a hint:


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  • Product Rave: Medusa#39;s Make Up

  • lovelyooz
    Jan 10, 08:39 PM
    i live in SF so id like to go there can i?

    should i pay for something?

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  • finkmacunix
    Feb 24, 08:41 PM
    Wow� that's more than I have in my iBook�


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  • Why do guys always make up an

  • Glideslope
    Apr 28, 07:34 PM
    Apple should really diversify their suppliers anyway, which is what they look like they are doing. Cut Samsung supply by 50%, and threaten all of it if they don't get their act together. Surely Samsung doesn't think that that they can bring in this kind of revenue on their own merit. Outside of LCD televisions, Samsung has an image problem, and even that has only improved in the last few years.

    Bulls Eye. :apple:

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  • Minimalism is all the rave for

  • qpawn
    Dec 19, 03:49 AM
    Here's a little humor that none of my friends would understand! :p


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  • Is Rave not the most amazing

  • TMA
    Oct 31, 06:39 PM
    The MacRumors Guides have been spotted by The Unofficial Apple Weblog and MacSlash

    Wonder if we'll get slashdotted next? wups, did I just tempt fate?

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  • make up by Dirty Dish

  • jayeskreezy
    Mar 29, 08:23 AM
    Hi I'm looking for the best and most compatible dvd burner to purchase that works with macs and Pc's. Does anyone know of or have any recommendations for this. I'd prefer it was a dual layer one.


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  • Make-up artists always rave

  • paul4339
    Apr 27, 04:39 PM
    Why does it take a media storm for Apple to open up on an issue ? It would be so much better if they more forthcoming and frank before an issue snowballs.

    maybe because, often, it's not even an issue ... until the media makes it an issue.


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  • Well, if so, let#39;s do it up

  • marksman
    Apr 28, 06:26 PM
    This just proves a lot of the verizon fanboys were all liars. They actually secretly switched to AT&T and got the iPhone already.



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  • FireStar
    Nov 13, 05:51 PM

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  • the brush and do cutting

  • tigres
    Feb 9, 06:46 PM
    If most of your calls are to mobile numbers, now you can drop to a 900 minute or 700 minute plan (depending on how many minutes you need for landline calls). Yes you will loose a bunch of rollover minutes, but you won't need them anymore. A-List in your case, requires a plan of 900 minutes or more, so if you want to keep A-List (for landlines) then drop down to 900 minute plan. In addition, you can move all those A-List mobile numbers off of the A-List and make room for more landlines in there.

    So I can have A list AND this feature? What rollover minutes will i keep?


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  • Product Rave ~ Random…

  • Macky-Mac
    May 4, 12:17 PM
    I saw a guest, Matthew Alexander, on the Ed [Schultz] Show talk about the ineffectiveness of enhanced interrogation (torture).

    Here's a link to the video. Skip ahead to 7:15 minutes in to see the interview.

    Please take a few minutes to view it and let me know what you think.

    interesting, he notes that the department of defense compiled stats that show that mistreatment of muslim prisoners was the #1 most effective recruiting tool for al Qaeda

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  • mgheiti
    Feb 1, 04:46 PM
    iOS Fabric :D

    Original link?


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  • Are Women Who Do Not Wear

  • Taz Mangus
    Apr 21, 08:20 PM
    It depends on how you compare android to iOS. I personally get a full day out of my android phone. Thats with texting all day, one class where i am streaming peers papers the entire time. I am on wifi the entire time. I play Gameboy games for much of the day when i am on the bus. I listen to music when i am going around time on my long board. In all my phone is never in real sleep mode. When I first got the phone my battery life was about an two hours to two hours and a half, then I learned to shut off apps. I love the user interface more then apple. Yeah it lags occaisonally but i get to have all my lovely widgets where i can easily access them. I can see what my next apointment is just by unlocking my phone. I can read an email simply by swiping left. I can send, read a text message just by swiping right. I love it has every thing I need. If it doesn't work you it won't work but for over a million of us it works perfectly. iOS is not Android and Android is not iOS if it works for you it works for you no need to bash the other. I like iOS I just can't see my self using it as a phone OS.

    The beauty of iOS is that it is more then just a phone OS. Flexible to run on Apple TVs, iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads. I also like the fact that Apple designed there application multi-tasking so that developers could decide how heavy they needed the multi-tasking to be. This gives the advantage to using the battery as efficiently as possible. I really do not like how difficult Google made it to kill off background tasks by burying the stop mechanism several levels under the setup.

    Two and half hours of battery life is pretty bad and that is exactly what I am getting out the Andriod phones I use and work. I do not have that problem with the iPhone. I can do my work using the iPhone all day and not have to hook it to the charger or worry about killing off back ground tasks.

    I can appreciate you not wanting to get into a bashing contest. You do come across a little on the "I am going to set these guys straight" attitude, though.

    I will say this, I highly doubt that Android would have anywhere near the saturation that it does now if it were not for the BOGO phone deals that have been going on since Andriod came out. Apple is competing with LG, Google, Motorola, Samsung and HTC all of which are putting out several models of Andriod phones a month and doing the BOGO deals on most of them. I for one am glad Apple does not do that. For one thing BOGO hurts the resale value of the phones. Also, a lot of the manufactures modify the Andriod OS specific to the manufacturers needs. This creates the problem where you have to rely on the manufacturer for the update.

    Apple makes it easy. You know when the refresh cycle happens and there is consistency to how the updates are done and it is controlled by one company. Google has created an inconsistent experience for the users. I can tell you first hand that not one of the various Andriod phones I use at work has a consistence interface from one another. I can easily pickup my wifes iPod touch or my iPad or the iPhones at work and they all have the same consistent feel and look to the interface.

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  • Congrats Belle~ on 60000 RAVES

  • map1978
    Feb 1, 12:11 PM
    LIIINNNNKKKK!!!!? Badass wallpaper, man.

    Check interfacelift site

    Its one of the newer walls added recently

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  • Miners Lipstick Ad from Rave

  • rprebel
    Oct 7, 10:09 PM
    just changed mine,going to keep it for long :)
    Cool. Great use of GT.:)

    Mar 10, 06:07 AM

    I made a GPS car kit "Arkon RWIPC" review yesterday, and it got deleted, could you tell me why please?

    Aug 10, 04:44 PM
    Added geektool scripts finally! I feel like my corners are balanced now. So many useful small apps too! Let me know what you guys think! (

    this looks awesome! does having these scripts on your computer slow it down it all?

    if not, is there a tutorial to do this sort of this somewhere on this site? there used to be in one of the old desktop threads but i can't find it at the moment :(.

    Sep 27, 12:38 AM
    As the saying goes, if you don't think its worth it then don't buy it.

    Me, my .mac account is up for renewal and this makes me glad to pay for another year. I like my .mac email address, I like the seamless synchronisation between my two macs and don't have a problem (yet) with the current size.

    That said, I welcome any improvements to the service.

    Apr 16, 10:01 PM
    Just got the update in iTunes today

    Yea its been out going on 2 days now I think...already threads on it.

    Apr 14, 04:57 AM
    I wish people would invest more into buying thesauruses. Did you know there are nearly 120 different alternative words for 'stupid'? And none of them are 'gay'. :)

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